Saving Money With Prepaid Gas Cards

With the rising cost of gasoline, people as well as companies have had to become very creative in helping those who must take to the road on a daily basis, arrive at their destination on time. One way that this has been accomplished is with the use of prepaid gas cards. Used much like a credit or gift card, they can be used almost anywhere yet provide a 5% to 10% savings every time they’re used.

The greatest advantage of using these cards is that the limit is paid in advance. This helps individuals ensure that funding is available for the fuel needed to get to and from work on a daily basis. Lowering monthly gas bills may still require changing driving habits, looking for stations with cheaper gas, and knowing when and when not to buy, but in the end the savings is well worth the effort.

Although not intended to be used as a credit card, it’s hard to resist the urge. This means that with the Shell card, for instance, automotive products, services, and convenience store items can all be purchased with the card. This has a tendency to negate the purpose and savings associated with buying gas using this method.

Additionally, it’s very easy to spend more on gas in the long run. After all, it’s prepaid so why not take that trip to the beach when, ordinarily, it just wouldn’t fit into the budget. This can result in not having enough gas money to make it through the month even though the money was put on the card just for that purpose.

By remembering that prepaid cards are designed to encourage less spending, this situation can be avoided. It takes a conscious effort to limit spending when using this payment method. With practice, however, people often find their monthly gas bill decreasing significantly saving as much as 10% on what is normally used during the same period.

Although a great option for those regular trips back and forth to work, they can even provide more savings on longer trips. This also eliminates the need to carry cash for this purpose. Since about 17% of all energy consumed in America is made up of gasoline, it’s easy to see how spending can get out of hand on this product very easily.

Unfortunately, summer months make up the peak season for gasoline sales. Ultimately this means higher prices for consumers. By using prepaid gas cards, however, tracking spending on this commodity as well as earning discounts and incentives is easy. It’s nice to know that with a $50 purchase, $55 worth of gas can be put in a tank. That ends up putting money back in your pocket.

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